Apple’s Q2 2012 results show a decline in the number of units sold

The financial results for the second quarter of 2012 for Apple has been announced and things look pretty good for the company as it shows an increase in net profit by 94% year-over-year.


Instead of giving you all the boring stats, let’s give you a quick summary. The iPhone, like always was a big hit and sold 35.1 million units which is an increase of 88% if we compare it to last year, however it is still a bit lower than the number of units that were sold in the first quarter of 2012 which recorded 37.04 million units.


The iPad did a better job as Apple sold 11.8 million units which counts as a 151% increase since last year.  And just like the iPhone, it could not beat the Q1 2012 results which sold 15.43 million units.

So let’s get to the big number shall we. The total revenue for the quarter was $39.2 billion and the quarterly net profit was $11.6 billion. Apple bank balance now shows a huge number of $110 billion which is an increase by $12.4 billion since the last quarter.