Apple to announce new iPhone and iPad’s on September 10

While we are already aware that Apple will launch its new iPhone 5S on September 10, we are still trying to figure out the other devices that would feature alongside, more importantly the budget iPhone. We seem to have a lot of news on our hands.


According to a reputed publication, Apple will introduce the new iPhone, which is the iPhone 5S, and new generations of its 9.7-inch iPad and 7.9-inch iPad Mini. However the affordable iPhone 5C will not feature at the event but would be launched a month later in October. The iPad is also said to be redesigned more like the iPad Mini with narrower side bezels and a similar body shape and buttons.

While we were expecting Apple, like always, to launch their tablet devices separately, the company seems to be targeting the last quarter to make heavy sales on its devices. The delayed iPhone 5C launch can be attributed to the target market which lies outside the United States.