Apple Watch launched in India; Prices start from Rs. 30900

While Apple has been recently shifting its focus towards the Indian market, it somehow delayed the Apple Watch for quite some time, until now.


The Apple Watch is now available in India for sale. The wearable is available in two sizes – the 38 mm and 42 mm. it is however available in multiple variants. The Apple Watch Sport is priced at Rs. 30900 for the 38 mm and Rs. 34900 for the 42 mm. The Apple Watch is priced at Rs. 48900 for the 38 mm and Rs. 52900 for the 42 mm.


The company has also launched the premium version – the Apple Watch Edition which is priced at a whopping Rs. 820000 (eight lacs twenty thousand) for the 38 mm and Rs. 990000 (nine lacs ninety thousand) for the 42 mm. While the pricing seems to be very steep, the company has managed to ship nearly 7 million units globally, however, we are eager to see the response in India.