Apple’s new patent signals smartphone glass that is anti-smudge, anti-scratch and anti-reflection

Apple has been racking up on patents recently. While many of its patents are for stuff that is not much different from what giants such as Apple and Google are working on, Apple being Apple, has got stuff up its sleeve that would be more than what you could have imagined. Apple has recently got a patent registered which will deal most of the problems we have with smartphone screens – a screen that wouldn’t smudge, scratch and most importantly not reflect too much, making it easy to use under sunlight.


While companies such as Samsung and LG work on flexible screens, Apple will be working on screen innovation of its own. How this screen will work is that it will have different layers – while one layer will filter colors, another will act as an opaque masking agent. Along, with that liquid crystal layers will create better visibility.

Patently Apple states,”If desired, the display may be provided with layers for reducing fingerprints (e.g., a smudge-resistant coating in a touch-sensitive display), anti-scratch coatings, an anti-reflection coating, a layer for reducing the impact of static electricity such as an indium tin oxide electrostatic discharge protection layer, or other layers of material.”

Apple with this  one step might be moving of the only current innovation in glass – the Gorilla Glass. We are hoping to see it pour on the next iteration of the iPhone.