3 best power banks in India over 10,000 mAh battery and under ₹2,000

Power banks in India are most demanded as we are living in a World where we use smartphones every single minute. In such circumstances, power banks are essential and come to rescue. So, we have compiled a list of top 3 power banks in India over 10,000 mAh battery capacity and worth under ₹2,000.


As you know batteries have evolved significantly in recent years but keeping pace with them, today’s hardware also began to demand more power. If you remember, there was a time when smartphones had single-core and dual-core configurations with 256 MB and 512 MB RAM and now we have octa-core processors with 4 GB RAM. Sooner or later manufacturers are going for deca-cores and 6 GB RAM. This clearly indicates that you should maximize the usage of your phone using a portable battery because such battery gobbling hardware can consume your battery easily. Take a look at some of the best power banks we know under ₹2,000. Check them out below.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank (20,000 mAh) – ₹1,699

Xiaomi’s affordable power banks came into the picture when they offered a huge amount battery capacity. They became successful when they released a 10,000 mAh power bank. With the success of these Xiaomi power banks in India, they also launched a double capacity power bank this year at a price worth ₹1,699. The Xiaomi Mi power bank features fast charging with a maximum output of 5.1 voltage and 3.6 Ampere current.


Xiaomi Mi Power Bank (20,000 mAh) Specifications

  • Battery Capacity: 20,000 mAh
  • Maximum Output: 5.1 V, 3.6 A
  • Connectivity: 2x USB Port, 1x Micro USB
  • Features: Fast Charging
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 142 cm x 22 mm x 73 mm
  • Weight: 338 grams
  • Price: ₹1,399

Asus Zen Power (10,050 mAh) – ₹1,299

The next best power bank which is reasonably priced in India is the ASUS ZenPower power bank. Weighing just 215 grams, it is no more than just a size of credit card. It is highly portable to carry. It has support for the most popular brands like Apple, Sony, Samsung, HTC, and many others. Asus ZenPower integrates with some nice features such as fast charging. It can charge 2 devices simultaneously. It detects the best voltage and current levels to charge your device that you have plugged in. It also has a micro connector, plug in and plug out Detection. It comes in 5 different colors – Blue, Silver, Black, Gold, and Pink. The ASUS ZenPower is priced at ₹1,299 on Flipkart.


Asus Zen Power (10,050 mAh) Specifications

  • Battery Capacity: 10,050 mAh
  • Maximum Output: 5.1 V, 2.4 A
  • Connectivity: 2x USB Port, 1x Micro USB
  • Features: Fast Charging, Micro Connector, Plug In/Out Detection
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) : 90 cm x 59 mm x 22 mm
  • Weight: 215 grams
  • Price: ₹1,399

OnePlus Power Bank (10,000 mAh) – ₹1,599

If you are a fan of OnePlus brand and you own a OnePlus device, then this power bank is definitely for you. The OnePlus power bank is beautifully designed having the signature textures, Sandstone Black, and Silk White. The device has a 10,000 mAh battery capacity and it is priced at ₹1,599. It offers a decent output of 5 V and 2.0 A and comes lightweight and easy to carry.


OnePlus Power Bank (10,000 mAh) Specifications

  • Battery Capacity: 10,000 mAh
  • Maximum Output: 5.0 V, 2.0 A
  • Connectivity: 2x USB Port, 1x Micro USB
  • Features: Fast Charging, LED Indicator
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 143 mm x 16 mm x 73 mm
  • Weight: 222 grams
  • Price: ₹1,599

If you know any other power banks other than these having a price tag below ₹2,000, comment them below. We might be interested to know which ones are they.