Update: Airtel is not the 3rd but 4th largest mobile operator in the world

UPDATE 2: Alright, we made a boo boo, we got a call from an Airtel official and he informed us that the customer base figure quoted in their Quarterly report for Q1 includes wireline and DTH subscribers as well, so yeah if we go by June 2012 data Airtel is 4th largest and not the 3rd largest. Apologies for the goof up.

Though Wirelessintelligence claimed Airtel has 250.04 million subscribers by June 2012 but according to Bharti Airtel’s Quarterly report for Q1 Airtel has over 260 million. So, apparently Bharti Airtel isn’t the 4th largest but is the 3rd largest operator.

Also, check out this link on Wikipedia.

Thanks Hiren!

Bharti Airtel
which is one of the India’s major telecom operators has raced ahead and become the fourth largest mobile operator in the world.


Bharti Airtel which has operations in 20 countries across South Asia and Africa has moved up a notch in the worldwide ranking and has become the fourth largest mobile operator in the world in terms of subscribers.
As per Wirelessintelligence.com, by the end of June 2012 Airtel had over 250 million mobile subscribers across its operations in various countries, which is a growth of 13% Y-o-Y.
Airtel went on to take the fourth place by beating Telefonica Group which by June 2012 had 243.51 million subscribers. The China Mobile leads the pack with 683.08 million users which is followed by the Vodafone Group and the third place is held by America Movil Group which has 251.83 million subscribers.

It might not be too long before Bharti Airtel takes the third spot too. Are you one of the 250 million users of Airtel?