Bharti Airtel launches Airtel Zero platform offering free internet access to apps

With the rising data costs, Bharti Airtel has now launched a unique platform called the Airtel Zero to facilitate access to apps for free.


Bharti Airtel has announced the launch of the Airtel Zero platform that would enable subscribers to access chat apps, e-commerce sites, gaming portals and other Internet-based services without having to pay for the data usage. The operator would apparently collect the data charges from the app service providers instead of the subscribers.

According to the service provider, the Airtel Zero platform, which is currently available for Android and iOS app, would apparently help start-ups and other marketers reduce digital marketing costs by one-third. The provider is already in talks with potential partners and is expected to launch with at least 100 apps on the platform.

Speaking about the Airtel Zero platform, Srini Gopalan, Director – Consumer Business, Bharti Airtel (India), said, “We are excited to launch ‘Airtel Zero’, which is an open and non-discriminatory marketing platform for all developers in India – irrespective of the size of their business. We believe that this platform is consistent with India’s Digital Inclusion agenda and also contributes to the government’s ‘Make in India’ vision by providing a platform to millions of small businesses to reach out to the end consumer.”