Black model of HTC One gets leaked

We have been continuously reporting new leaks about the HTC One which has fascinated the entire tech world. But after the date and other details were officially released we thought the excitement would die down. Apparently we’re wrong. Popular tipster has bought the HTC One back into news. This time with the picture of the all-black HTC One.


Previously, pictures of the silver-white HTC One were leaked now @leaks is back with the full black version of the phone. The phone in the photo looks same as the silver-white model. With doubts being raised whether the image is just plain Photoshop work, we’re reminded that When the M7 (which is now called HTC One) was in early stages, sources had revealed that the phone would be available in two colour variations. So it is quite possible that this is the real black HTC One.

The picture of the black HTC One has its date set to the February 19th, which happens to be the date the HTC One is expected to be launched. Interestingly, the place shown in this picture is New York whereas the previous photo of the white HTC One had its place set to London. So whether the HTC One black version is US specific will be revealed on that date.