BlackBerry 10 browser scores awesome HTML5 results

Back in March this year we saw the upcoming Tizen and BlackBerry 10 fight for the top spot for the ‘upcoming’ best HTML5 browsers for mobile phones beating the likes of Opera Mobile, Firefox Mobile and others. 


And it seems that the development on the BlackBerry 10 browser took a lot of effort as the browser now goes on to be the leader in an HTML5 test. 

The BlackBerry 10 browser beats it close ‘under-development’ rival Tizen 1 by 39 points. But the most important thing over here is that the browser beats the current leader, Opera Mobile 12 by a whopping 78 points, which indeed is a huge margin. 
This tells us how powerful the BlackBerry 10 browser is and could be in the coming future as it near the official launch. This would indeed be a great new for developers who want to build and test HTML5 content on a mobile browser and are looking forward to HTML5 on BlackBerry 10. 
We do know that BlackBerry 10 is indeed great, even in its preview that the Rim gave us and we are now looking forward to see how well does the new OS arriving on new hardware is able to pull the company from drowning completely.