BlackBerry 10 L-Series gets an early teardown, internals exposed

Yesterday we saw the unannounced BlackBerry 10 L-Series full touchscreen smartphone get clicked  with all smiles with the battery cover removed.

BB-10-London-Teardown-1                                                        Under the screen

But we never got to see what lies under the hood of the smartphones. And today we get to see more pictures of the L-Series getting leaked and hey, the device has already seen a tear down exposing what lies inside.

The source goes on to lay down some details about the BlackBerry 10 running L-Series such as:
  • The difference between the full touchscreen and the QWERTY one would be about a month
  • The device arrives with an IPS display and dual-core processor
  • Would be available in two colour options, Black and White and the latter is said to be awesome (even better than the iPhone 5)
  • The front camera and video chat feature is said to support team view.
  • The rear facing main camera has auto-focus and can take pictures at a rate of one per second.
  • The camera interface allows you to choose up to 10 facial expressions of any person then you choose the best one for your final picture

Check out the remaining images of the teardown below.

Under the battery:

Volume Rockers:

Head Phone jack and probable power button:


Are you waiting for the BlackBerry 10 smartphones to arrive and would you buy them?