BlackBerry announces BBM Channels for BlackBerry devices

With the BlackBerry Messenger acquiring a sizeable user base after releasing on the Android and iOS platforms, BlackBerry has launched the BBM Channel.


BlackBerry has announced the release of the BBM Channel for BlackBerry device users. The service, available for Blackberry devices running on BlackBerry OS 5 and higher as well as the BlackBerry 10 OS, is a community based group that allows people, brands and communities to interact with each other. The users have control over their content and can join or opt out of channels at their discretion.

The BBM Channel can be used to post messages, share pictures, initiate discussions, post animated GIFs and chat directly with subscribers. There is also an integrated live chat feature of BBM Channels, which allows channel owners to offer “scheduled chat hours” to the users, where they can chat directly with the channel owner.

The BBM Channel service was in private beta since May 2013. During this period users have created creating channels based on their passions and building communities with each other. With the service being rolled out to more users, we can expect a larger number of channels, thus building more communities. The service would be available for Android and iOS device in a few weeks’ time.