BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 launched by RIM, 60 day free trial available for download

While Research In Motion (RIM) is all set for the launch of BlackBerry 10 on January 30th, the company released another of their prized products – the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. This feature packed product is RIM’s enterprise mobility management solution. This service helps in device management, mobile apps management and the security of the BlackBerry smartphones. The BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 now can also support Android and iOS devices. A single console is used to manage even multiple devices.


The BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 has been striving to achieve its motto of making employees more productive and well equipped to serve customers. The management capability of the solution and the manner in which it handles data has made it advantageous for the business and IT leaders.

According to Peter Devenyi, senior vice president of Enterprise Software at RIM, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 makes the businesses flexible and helps them to keep on moving.
The BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 allows an organization to manage their apps without having to do it manually each time for each device. Being highly scalable, it can be used for various purposes with various devices. It can manage both, the corporate-owned and personally-owned device on any platform, thus providing complete control of all devices. The BlackBerry Balance technology enables secure separation of work and personal applications and data.
Key Features for BlackBerry 10 smartphones with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10:
  • Uses the BlackBerry Balance technology for secure separation of work and personal applications.
  • Support for seamless and secure access to work email, content and secure connectivity to “behind the firewall” applications and data.
  • A dedicated app store for corporate apps – BlackBerry World for Work, which can help manage apps used by the employees. Admintrators can use this to install mandatory apps on all devices.
  • An intuitive enterprise enrollment process for employees that offers a self-service console, and centralized control of assignable profiles.
  • Rich management controls for securing and managing work profiles including hierarchical group management with Active Directory integration support for customizable administrative roles with granular capabilities.
While business analysts claim it to be an optimum solution due to its low cost of ownership in an organization, the users seem to be quite satisfied with the manageability and easy to use UI.
The BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 can be downloaded here. The existing customers would get a free license trade up program at, which is valid till December 31, 2013 while new users can avail the limited 60 days free trial.
Facing fierce competition, RIM seems to be improving their products to match the race. Their recent activities like the Port-a-thons are directed at getting the developers as well as clients interested in their products.