BlackBerry Messenger app may come to Windows Phone 8 also; No progress on the Android and iOS app

While Blackberry is caught in the eye of the storm for failing to stick to the announced release dates for the BBM client for Android and iOS platforms, sources in the know claim that it would release the client for Windows Phone as well.


Blackberry, which is yet to release the Blackberry Messenger app for Android and iOS, apparently seems to be also working optimistically on the Windows Phone 8 app. Instead of focussing its resources on quickly solving the issue faced for the Android and iOS app, the company seems to be whiling away its time on a Windows Phone 8 app, thus further delaying the launch of the BBM client for the fans.

While the company was still not clear on the issue faced by the Android and iOS app, it claimed that it is still probing the issue with BBM for Android and iOS and paralleling working on to address all the identified bottlenecks. The Android app for BBM was leaked hours before it was supposed to go live on September 21 on Google Play and caused issues and the company had to eventually pause the global roll out of BBM for Android and iPhone.