BlackBerry Playbooks worth $1.7 million stolen

At a time when the stock prices of Research in Motion (RIM), the makers of BlackBerry are going down to the lowest and the company’s profit and market share is also declining, BlackBerry Playbooks worth $1.7 million are reported to be stolen.


This incident has taken place at The Pilot Travel Center off State Road 67, west of Interstate 69, in Chesterfield, Indiana, when the driver of a truck has stopped to take bath and some food. The driver was transporting 22 pallets of the tablet computers from the Bright Point Distribution Center in Plainfield to Ontario, Canada. The driver said he had a computer, credit cards and clothing which were inside the truck.

This is going to cost RIM a bit, but nothing compared to the $485 million loss that RIM suffered because the Playbook didn’t sell as expected. God save RIM.