BlackBerry working on improving BBM as an alternative to WhatsApp

After reports about WhatsApp discontinuing support to BlackBerry and a few other platforms emerged, BlackBerry has now revealed that it is working on alternatives.


BlackBerry has revealed that they are actively exploring alternatives for their users once support for WhatsApp Messenger for BlackBerry platform stops towards the end of this year. The company is also promoting its home-made BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). However, users of BlackBerry Priv, which runs on Android, can continue using WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry has revealed that it is working on making the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) better for its users. The company has added more privacy and security features to protect the users. The company plans on adding more features to make it more useful to its users, in a hope that it will regain its position as a popular instant messenger.