BlackBerry’s official Twitter account found tweeting from an iPhone

When BlackBerry’s creative director Alicia Keys was found tweeting from an iPhone, she blamed it on the hackers. Now, BlackBerry’s official twitter account has been caught tweeting from an iPhone.

BlackBerry tweeted out yesterday asking its loyal users to keep up the conversation on Twitter with a link to the picture of BlackBerry Classic on Instagram. The BlackBerry Classic is surely a great device for conversations, thanks to that awesome keyboard but the folks at The Verge found out that the tweet was sent out from an iPhone.


The official Twitter client doesn’t show the client from which a tweet has been sent but there are several third party clients like Tweetbot, Tweetdeck, which show you the client used for the tweet. The tweet was then deleted but sadly, the damage has been done.

There have been several occasions when a celebrity endorser has been found guilty of using other products but the official Twitter account of a company doing so surely has to be a first. BlackBerry is working hard on making a comeback but these small little things surely aren’t helping the company.