Bubbly Social App launched in India for the iPhone

Bubble Motion has today launched a new social voice application for the iPhone called Bubble.  Available free on the iPhone for a limited period, the app allows you to connect with its existing 15 million users and celebrities.


The Bubbly app basically allows you to share short voice updates with your friends and followers. You can create your posts, or Bubbles, in your own voice via your iPhone. The app lets your followers hear what you really have to say and you can share your Bubbly updates directly to Twitter & Facebook and add text to your posts to make them easy to discover.

The app also allows users to follow celebrities, sports stars and other well-known users, letting you move beyond just reading celebrity posts to actually hearing updates recorded in their own voice. The who’s who of celebrities from across Asia are already using Bubbly, such as Amitabh Bachchan, Lara Dutta, Geisha, and Yeng Constantino. The Bubbly app is free to download with an in-app purchase available to unlock premium celebrity content.

The app is currently available in India, and the company plans to launch the app on a global level.
Key features of the app:

  • Follow people who inspire you – there are hundreds of your favorite celebrities already using it.
  • Capture and share what’s going on in your life wherever you are, in audio.
  • Broadcast your voice updates to your friends & followers.
  • You can post updates by voice and text.
  • Voice feed lets you know whenever any of the people you are following share something new.
  • Like other people’s posts to give them instant feedback.
  • Comment on posts to start more conversations.
  • Share posts within Bubbly and to Twitter and Facebook, all with a single tap on your mobile phone.
  • Be informed whenever anyone likes or comments on your posts, or starts following your friends.
To download the Bubbly app for iPhone, visit here. The Android version of the app will be coming soon as well.