Nokia Carla OS arriving Q3, will support all Symbian^3 devices, N8 successor not the last Symbian device

So good news coming in for all Nokia and Symbian lovers as a recent leak from a recent developer’s conference in Mexico goes on to point out that we’ll surely be seeing Nokia Carla arriving on our device. Previously there were rumours that Nokia is abandoning all future developments on Symbian platform. 

But then we saw a leak confirming that developers are already testing Carla on certain devices and reporting bugs. So now we expect the Nokia Carla update to reach us in Q3 2012 when the first bunch of device running Carla will hit shelves. Before this we expect the second-gen Belle smartphones, including Nokia 603, 700 and 701 to start shipping with Carla over them. Carla is expected to arrive by late 2012-early 2013.

With this it was also being said that the Symbain^3 and Anna devices which recently got the Nokia Belle update will not receive the Carla update as it would only run on devices with processors of 1GHz and above. But now all the devices from Nokia N8, C7, E7, X7, E6, C6-01 which have a 680 MHz processor will definitely be visited by Carla but in a much lighter version as they lack NFC and processor. It seems that the new browser which is version 8 will reach these devices along with the resizable widgets.

Also the picture confirms that the N8 successor which is supposed to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress this weekend will not be the last Symbian device as it was being said earlier as Nokia plans to bring out at least two devices on Carla and may be one on Donna.

So, more reasons are out to keep Nokia and Symbian lovers glued to the combo. Are you happy with it? Or plan to already move ahead to Android or iOS? We are all ears to your opinion.