Bupa launches personalized walking app for Android and iOS

While just yesterday PUMA launched the PUMATRAC running app for iOS, Bupa in association with the World Health Federation has launched a new personalized walking app for both Android and iOS platforms.


Bupa, which is owns the health insurance agency Max Bupa, in association with the World Health Federation has launched the Ground Miles app for Android and iOS smartphones. The app not only tracks your walks but also motivates and encourages you to go regularly thus making your smartphones your very own personal walking tracker.

The Ground Miles app tracks your walking, both indoors and outdoors across three modes: active, walk and run. It also compiles the daily, weekly and total walking distances in kilometres. The app provides a personalized experience by calculating the right walking based on your age, height, weight, and gender and step length. You can set you own walking targets and on completion get rewarded with badges. Also there are virtual walking groups where you can join with your friends and family.

The Ground Miles app has an interactive in-app map which using your phone’s native map functionality can be used to see where you could walk to reach your set targets. You can also get personalised motivation cards based on your walking routine. You can download the app for free from Google Play and the Apple App Store.