You can now use your mobile phone in the flight, but on flight mode

There is finally relief to the frequent flyers in India who get exasperated to switch of their mobile phones while on the flight. Civil Aviation has now approved mobile phone usage in the flight.


Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has removed the restrictions on personal electronic devices including mobile phones in the flight. As such, air travellers in India can now use their devices during all the phases of the flight but strictly in the flight (aeroplane) mode. This would allow passengers to carry out tasks other than calling and texting, like playing games, watching movies.

While the mobiles phones and other electronic devices can be used in flight mode, they must be compulsorily switched off if specifically requested by the commander. Also to ensure safety norms, the department has asked all airlines to report to report any suspected or confirmed PED interference or smoke or fire caused by them.

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