Amazon smartphone leaked; will change your smartphone experience forever

In the world of smartphones, one truth stands eternal – you never know what’s coming next. Case in point, the new Amazon smartphone. Amazon has thought of and conceptualized something we never would have thought about, at least I don’t credit myself with such thoughtfulness.


According to a recent leak, Amazon is working on a 4.7-inch smartphone, which will come loaded with four suave Infrared cameras. These cameras will track your head’s position and enable a 3D effect – letting you navigate your smartphone with something far ahead of gestures, voice commands and other stuff. All you need to do to use this smartphone is tilt it to use it. Not just that, it will use software, sensors and the cameras to replace the usual app drawer. Tilting the phone a certain way could bring up  the camera app, tilting it another way would bring up the messaging app. The phone will also adjust to its setting and give updates such as weather.

Not only that, if say you are using a reading app such as Kindle, tilting the phone a certain way would actually bring up references and other stuff. If you are looking up a store, it will tell you the ratings of the store. Basically, it will create a 3D map around you and interpret your settings that way. It is kind of Google Glass functionality built in the phone.

Amazon has been truly innovative with its stuff till now, we have seen that with the Kindle Fire HD. It seems like it is taking it to the next level with its smartphone.