Carl Pei defends the striking similarity of the OnePlus 5 design to the iPhone 7 Plus

Everything was well and good with the OnePlus 5 rumors. The company was doing well with creating hype and grabbing eyeballs for its latest device with leaked specs and all. But then suddenly, the actual design of the OnePlus 5 leaked out, and all hell broke loose. After that, the company added oil to fire by actually posting official renders of the device.

The images showing the back closely resembled the iPhone 7 Plus design. Looking at the images, that was our first thought too. While there are both sets of users on the Internet. Some that think copying a design isn’t that bad. And some that consider it an outrageous blasphemy in the smartphone world. For OnePlus the latter seem to be many.

So, naturally, the company had some words to justify its position. OnePlus CEO, Carl Pei took to Twitter to say that people had the same opinion with respect to the OnePlus 3 when it came out. But when people actually got the device in their hands, they stopped lamenting about it. The OnePlus 3 was alleged to look like a cross between an HTC 10 and Samsung Galaxy S6.

While we aren’t completely against the OnePlus 5 design, but still, similarity is a different thing. And being a spitting image is a completely different one. And we’re afraid, in the case of the OnePlus 5, it is the latter which is more true.