How to check if Deep Fusion was used to capture image on iPhone 11

Apple recently started rolling out a new iOS update which brought the Deep Fusion support. We’ve also made a guide to make sure your smartphone is enabled to use this new feature from the company.

However, as you might know, there’s to way to manually trigger the feature to ‘On’. But a new update to the free metadata photo and video app Metapho for iPhone has brought what looks like the first way to tell when your iPhone 11 shots were taken with Deep Fusion.

Apple iPhone Deep Fusion Demo during the launch event

The app not only allows you to check if Deep Fusion was used, but also view and edit EXIF metadata. This is notable because the feature was made by Apple to be intentionally invisible to users even when inspecting an image’s details.

How to check if Deep Fusion was used in a photo

  • Download Metapho app from the App Store (link here)
  • Now give the app access to your photo library
  • There’s even a Share Sheet extension you can add to quickly check photo metadata.
  • At the top of the metadata under “Image Information”, check if there’s “Deeply Fused” mentioned. If it is there, then the Deep Fusion was used to take that image.
  • Under the “Camera” section, you’ll also see an image count for Deep Fusion photos.
  • The app also indicates if Night mode was used.

Metapho is free and easy to use application that comes with an in-app purchase to unlock all features like editing metadata. Since no servers are involved with this and everything happening on-device, there are no privacy-related issues.