Choose your own Idea number in J&K

Choose your own Idea number in J&K Idea Cellular is giving its subscribers the ‘freedom of choice’ with the launch of a unique service in Jammu & Kashmir. As per the new service, new postpaid Idea subscribers can now select a mobile number of their choice when they take up an Idea connection.

To make the number choice, customer just needs to approach the nearest Idea retailer with the request. Retailer will send an SMS to the Idea toll free SMS short code 555666 to enquire about availability of the number.If the number is available, the retailer will immediately ‘block’ the number in the name of the customer through another SMS.

Existing Idea subscribers can also check availability of a number by simply sending a text message CKNUM to short code 555666. However, blocking can be done by retailer only.

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