Chota and Bada full Talktime Vouchers from Virgin Mobile

virgin full talktime Running low on balance? Now Virgin Mobile offers full talktime on chota and bada topup ranging from 11 rs to 301 rs.
However this topup comes with a talktime validity within which the user has to utilize all the talktime..

Following are the details:-

Rs.11 :- Full talk time of Rs.11,valid for 2days
Rs.31 :- Fulltalktime of Rs.31,valid for 5days
Rs.71 :- Fulltalktime of Rs.71,valid for 10days
Rs.101:- Full talktime of Rs.101,valid for 12days
Rs.201:- Full talktime of Rs.201,valid for 20days
Rs.301:- Full talktime of Rs.301,valid for 30days

*  The talk time offered as part of these recharges can only to be used within the specified time     period.
*  Offline cost in the form of data and other VAS services would not be charged from this talk time,       and would be deducted from the core balance.