Chrome Beta now available but only for Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS

Android is trying to meld in different flavors to make the Ice Cream Sandwich OS even more delicious. Google has just released a Beta version and is trying to bring the desktop Chrome browser to Ice Cream Sandwich phones and tablets. Some new features include seamless signing in and sync. It also comes with an Omnibox for marking your favorite pages and auto-complete in Google search.


With Chrome, one advantage you have as compared to other browsers is that you can flip easily between YouTube, Google Maps and your browser for example. The weird part is though that it will only be available to 1 percent of Android users, i.e. people on Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

So Google, what about people on the Froyo or Gingerbread OS, shouldn’t they have access to something as simple as a browser?

Even for those lucky ones for whom the Ice Cream Sandwich OS has poured in, we wouldn’t advise to really go for the Beta version as it has a few bugs and crashes in the midst of your browsing. Are you disappointed that Chrome hasn’t arrived for your device or it hardly makes a difference, do let us know.