Global variant of Nokia 900 in White leaked by Nokia on Facebook (by mistake)

So just today we saw Nokia announce that its Lumia 800 will arrive dressed in White later this month and today we see the Finnish company accidently post a picture of 800’s big-brother, the Lumia 900 in White. Nokia initially tagged the post as Nokia 800 in White but if we look at the picture closely, we can see the front-camera.Nokia-900-White  And thus Nokia leaked out a very-beautiful looking Lumia 900 which seems to be a global variant as it doesn’t sport the AT&T logo on it. Also the global variant is expected to arrive sans the LTE radio. It’ll be interesting to see as to as to when this white-coloured device will reach the global shores but with the image leaking out now, expect it to arrive soon. We are expecting an announcement of the same at the upcoming MWC later this month.

The new 900 in white will run on Windows Phone 7.5 phone, sport a 4.3-inch display and bigger battery than the Lumia 800. It will be powered by a 1.4GHz Qualcomm processor and comes with 8GB of storage.

For now, the photo has been removed from Nokia’s official Facebook page but too late for the world to notice. Thanks Nokia.