Chrome Beta for Android gets updated

For those Android users who use the Chrome Beta browser, its update time and this update would prevent your browser from crashing time and again. Many other new features have been added to the browser in this update.


The Chrome Beta browser for Android has received the 25.0.1364.108 update. The several issues with “frequently occurring crashes” have been fixed. The browser earlier couldn’t log in to the LinkedIn desktop site but after the update users can access the site.

Also the issues with text selection handles being placed in the wrong location have been fixed. Now you can also navigate through the tabs by tilting the phone in the tab switching mode making it easier to navigate through the open tabs.

As there are still many bug yet to be fixed, the app is still in beta. Some of the major issues still troubling the user are text entry problems with Swype, popup issues and text formatting abnormalities. Surely in the next updates these bugs should be fixed.

You can update your Chrome browser for Android from the Google Play Store now.