Clear images of the Nexus 5 leaked

While Samsung and Apple have finished their annual dose of new flagship smartphones, Google is yet to push forward its beloved Nexus handset. While there has been a huge controversy surrounding the manufacturing company of the device, the first proper images of the device has leaked, thus confirming its existence.


While a lot of FCC filings of the alleged Google Nexus 5 have been spotted giving us a creative idea about how the device looks on paper, the first clear images of the real device have finally been leaked. The Nexus 5, which is apparently being manufactured by LG, would be based on the LG G2. However from the images, no buttons on the back plate of the device are spotted, instead we can see the volume rocker on the side, as usual.

The back design of the Nexus 5 seems to be highly inspired from the Nexus 7 tablet. Also remember, Vic Gundotra saying that future Nexus devices would have an insanely great camera? A look at the camera of the Nexus 5, seems like Google has indeed worked on something amazing.