Cloud Music Service by Amazon for Android and PC as well

Amazon is making news again. Launching their very own app store, they have launched a Cloud based music service. The Amazon Cloud Player is very simple app; it allows users to cloud store their favourite music and then play on any Android device or a computer. In simple words, users can buy songs and then they will be stored with Amazon itself. Users can anytime stream their collection via the application. A free storage space of 5GB will be available with the option of increasing the storage space

  • 20GB – $20/year
  • 50GB – $50/year
  • 100GB – $100/year
  • 200GB – $200/year
  • 500GB – $500/year
  • 1000GB – $1000/year

To use the service just visit and enable it on your Amazon account and then update your Amazon mp3 app, which will enable streaming of all music located on the new Amazon storage

This concept is innovative and surely will gather a large audience. This service will mean more free space for users on their Android smart phones, and the ability to listen to music anywhere and anytime.