COAI disappointed with Rajasthan High Court order on mobile towers near schools & hospitals

Back on Tuesday, The Rajasthan High Court went on to order that all mobile towers near educational institutions, hospitals, and playgrounds have to be moved away within two months.


The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) which is the apex representation of the telecom industry in India is disappointed by the ruling of the Rajasthan High Court.

The COAI has in a statement said,

“We are disappointed by the order and will determine the industry’s future course of action on the matter once we have the formal order and have studied all the details closely. The industry has always been compliant with norms related to exposure limits and will continue to work actively along with the Government of India to ensure that compliance is maintained.”
In the past few months, India has gone ahead and adopted most stringent safety guidelines for electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure which are followed all over the world.
And the COAI goes on to believe that the mobile towers and base stations in India are safe and fully compliant with the safety, environmental and health norms prescribed by the Government of India, adding that the industry has voluntarily undertaken many proactive measures, including significant redesign of its networks and infrastructure, tower sharing, equipment power reduction, etc., to enhance the operational efficiency and safety of its network.