Coming iPhones and iPads might feature MagSafe magnetic charging ports, stylus

It seems Apple has applied for a fresh patent aimed at changing the way we charge our iPads/iPhones.  The MagSafe technology, currently used only in Apple’s Macbooks, now might be seen on Apple’s other devices.


Lets see it in detail.

Basically, in MagSafe connectors the connection strip and the charging pin both are magnetic and attract each other. This ensures that your charger shouldn’t cause a short-circuit due to loose wiring. Also, were you accidently step on the wire, the charger would detach itself before your laptop falls off the counter. In the future iOS devices, these magnets might even transmit information, according to Apple’s patent application.

“The magnets create a universal port that detects the coded magnet ‘signature’ of a particular cable type and reconfigures itself accordingly”. Apple’s patent application reads.

The patent further dictates that Apple will use a new stylus technology with the coming iPad. The stylus itself would be using the magnetic concept to attach/ detach itself from its dock. The magnetic coding of the stylus might also be used as a security feature as it would also control wireless communication between various Apple devices.

The patent also mentions wireless charging using MagSafe. Lets hope that we see Apple roll out these innovations and leave us surprised and bewildered as it has done many times in the past.