Nokia to offer camera/audio fixes on the Lumia 800 soon

It seems despite having a sky-high price; the Nokia Lumia handset has developed some snags that lead to poor user experience. While Nokia just addressed the battery drainage on the Lumia 800, it just doesn’t enough to satisfy us.


While the battery update, according to Nokia, is meant to “enhance standby time as well as to bring an improvement to the issue reported by some customers in December,” it seems people have voiced their concerns with audio and camera of the Lumia 800.

I mean its kind of tragic that after buying the Lumia 800, one has to keep waiting for updates. Its good that they are addressing these issues, but in the meantime, it gives people a lot of time to wonder if they are getting their money’s worth with this handset.

We are actually currently reviewing the Lumia 800 and have just put out our first impressions about the handset. Amongst the things we noticed were that, the camera though functioning great indoors, is actually worthless outdoors. The audio is quite bleak. You cannot hear high-frequency songs on the Lumia 800 unless you attach the earphones, which aren’t pretty loud themselves.

While we are ranting about the handset, not everything is so bad. Stay tuned for our full review to know the good, the bad and the ugly of the Nokia Lumia 800.