Condom-inspired handset names and more

Mobile names have been subject to speculation and ridicule for a very long time.  Its not just Apple who have run into trouble with names, it is actually quite a common problem with other companies.

So we just feel off the couch, when someone noticed the obvious and informed us of it. Most of the names for Android devices are inspired by….wait for it….CONDOMS!

Yeah, baby. Now wait and think over some things. Think Desire, Wildfire or Sensation from HTC, think Guru and Hero from Samsung or think of simple names like Indulge or Touch. We don’t deny that both of them are pretty personal and things that are though not necessary but still we can’t do without them, can we? 
Now, think of other things? Think of ultra-thin phones. Now think of Durex ultra-thins in the same breath. You have started getting my point haven’t you? 
Now have a look at this chart from Intercom Blog and Gizmodo for proof.
Who is the winner when it comes to condom-inspired names? Well, definitely HTC. Desire, Incredible, Sensation XL, Indulge…it starts to seem as if they are doing it intentionally!
But the fun is not limited only to mobile names. People and companies sure go crazy when it comes to smartphone accessory. Agreed, a smartphone is a smart device. But it is so not a robot! Enter smartphone controlled rice-cookers and smartphone controlled cleaners – it sure is a crazy world out there. 
You can also count this kind of freedom that is there with smartphones for most innovation you can get your hands on – your 3D enabled smartphone might just have a sibling down the line which used to be operated with Glasses on or some other stupid stuff.
When it comes to smartphones, you need to do all the funky, crazy and unbelievable stuff out there to get a smart product out there.
In fact, we have a lesson to learn from these companies. Go out, let go of your inhibitions, do unbelievable stuff and write your own story. And have a lot of fun, while you are at!