How Apple’s retina display is changing everything

Apple’s retina display may not be as hyped as Siri, but it is surely changing the way we view things.


Well, the retina display is surely a feature that no Super AMOLED, S-LCD or ClearBlack display can match up to. With the introduction of retina display to the new iPad, Apple has created a new standard for itself, which might just prove a bit hard for any tablet out there to catch up with.

But, its not just Apple’s products that are undergoing change with the introduction of the retina display. The way we view apps is changing.
Firstly, iOS apps. Most iOS apps have been readjusted to fit into a retina display. In fact, everything from the screenshot size the developers need to display to the amount of space an app takes up is changing. 
Not only that, you can expect that Android might be making attempts to catching up soon, which we are yet to see anything of. So, basically, slowly but steadily, the world can expect to go into an era of clearer displays with everything ranging from your basic home screen to your apps clear as the day. One reason I am saying this is that the companies behind the retina displays like Samsung and LG are no doubt going to be tempted to get the same on to their devices. 
But that’s not all. Webmonkey reports that even your regular images will have to readjust to retina display. See, the retina has a display so high-res, that when you look at your normal images on it, you are going to feel that they might be looking fuzzy and hardly as good as they look on a normal screen. Not everyone who has a retina display iPad will own a Canon 5D Mark II, and even if they do, it might just not be enough. 


It has crossed the limit for JPG images i.e. 2000px, already. Duncan Davidson, a pro photographer, who played with the new iPad, says,” For the first time, I’m looking at a photograph I’ve made on a screen that has the same sort of visceral appeal as a print. Or maybe a transparency laying on a lightbox. Ok, maybe not quite that good, but it’s pretty incredible. In fact, I really shouldn’t be comparing it to a print or a transparency at all. Really, it’s its own very unique experience.”

As of now, the retina display seems quite ahead of its time. But the question that remains to be answered is will you go for an above average tablet like the iPad or will you invest in a product that is a backward piece of tech that will maybe sync better with all your stuff.

High-res images and displays are the future. That is undeniable. But we ca hardly believe that anything is going to evolve so fast as to catch up with the iPad.

Well, it is not going to change at the spur of the moment. You will need to be patient with one question running continuously through your mind : Was the retina display worth it?