Control your DSLR with your smartphone thanks to the TriggerHappy Remote

Almost everyone is buying a DSLR these days, while some buy it for fun, some buy DSLRs for professional photography. All in all, there are times when we need long exposure shots, and we need a shutter release remote.


While standalone remote controls come cheap, there is a new option available for all you shutterbugs. The TriggerHappy remote allows you to control your shutter from your smartphone.

The TriggerHappy remote is a 3 foot long wire that connects the camera’s input port to your smartphone’s 3.5mm audio jack via a small embedded signal processor. Using either the Android or iOS app, users can perform single-shot triggering to time lapse modes where the shutter length, interval, duration and number of shots per interval can all be individually adjusted. Other features include the ability to snap shots based on phone’s accelerometer activity, facial recognition, or lighting and audio detection and also an HDR mode. The remote works with all modern Canon and Nikon DSLRs and also some other brands of DSLRs. For more, check out the link here.