This iPhone case offers free wireless data for your iPhone

The iPhone might not be the most popular phone in India, but it is still one of the most loved phones all over the world. There are more apps and accessories for the iPhone rather than any other phone. 


But how about an accessory that could give you free wireless data? That might just be the bliss you need for your iPhone. Here’s an iPhone case that might actually be able to do that and it comes from the makers of Skype!

After offering free calls over the net, they are offering free wireless broadband data for the iPhone. This iPhone case is WiMax enabled. An integrated WiMax radio in the case engineered for iPhone 4/4S, along with that, there is also a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that is clamed to run up to 8 devices for 30 hours. 
Skype has already given out 1 GB data plan free with the case. After that, each MB costs a penny and a GB racks up $10 (Rs. 500). But don’t abandon your network provider if you get your hands on this case because you will need them still to make calls. There is also the cost of the case, which will most probably be under $100 (Rs. 5,000). 
It also comes with ClearWire 4G network, which is quite fast. 
But, how will they make real money out of this case? Well, in the coming months, they also plan to offer value-added-services that might woo you to part with your precious moolah. Even if 10-15 percent people sign up for those, they make a profit.
But the ultimate thing is that it is quite an innovative attempt. If I owned an iPhone, I would totally check this out. But, the thing is, making free calls and getting free data is the thing of the future, but it is coming too slow. 
See, too make free calls via apps like Viber, you need an Internet connection. But if you get data for free, then you might to live up your smartphone fantasy to the heck. I just hope they make one case for an S2 or a Sensation soon.