CyanogenMod adds HDR functionality to devices

For those who envy the amazing photo shoots on high end mobile devices using the HDR technology, the same can be availed now on your device if you’re running CyanogenMod.


The High Dynamic Range (HDR) camera functionality which was earlier seen in devices like the Nexus 4 has now been added to almost all devices running the CyanogenMod 10.1 builds. The devices with HDR enabled take three images of the frame – one which is under exposed, one which is neutral exposed and one which is over exposed. The three different images are then processed together to produce an image which is of better quality and clarity than otherwise normally obtained.

The HDR camera functionality will be internally incorporated with the CyanogenMod camera app and will be available for any device running the app. This functionality comes along with the stock software of the Nexus 4.

Due to diverse applicability of CyanogenMod, this process may not give similar results on all devices. The camera sizes, qualities and processors would play an important role in deciding the effect HDR would have on the photo.