Data reveals Samsung and Android rule the US

Surveys done among 30,000 mobile subscribers in the US reveal that Samsung leads in the mobile handset market share with about 24.8% and Google’s Android leads in the mobile OS market share with 33%. The survey was done by comScore, Inc which is the global source of digital market intelligence and the most preferred measurement service.

The Korean giant Samsung has led the number of smart phones sold in the US in the period of four months (Nov 2010 – Feb 2011). Surprising to see at the bottom with just 7.5% which has grown at just 0.9% since November 2010.

Google has also made its mark in the US with the Android platform. Their market share has been booming with an increase of 7% since November 2010 making their share of 26% to 33% in February 2011. They have tipped off RIM which was the leader last year with 33.5%.