Nokia T7-00 in China

We had earlier reported on a leak of a new model by Nokia being claimed as the T7-00 via OVI Publisher tools. Now we have pictures, however we aren’t fully satisfied if it’s the real deal. Sources from show us pictures of a device that seems to be the T7-00 runnin symbian^3. The looks are similar to the N8 and it has an 8MP camera with LED flash instead of the 12MP. Other claimed specs say that it has a 700MHz processor backed up with a GPU, and the usual nHD display of 640×360. The HDMI port however is missing and is replaced by the micro-USB port.

The only thing that is weird is that it has the words “Nokia NSeries” embedded at the back.  Now is it just a sticker, or maybe a photoshop-ed image. If it does fall in the Nseries, why have the T7 name?