Dell Streak 7 Meets Sibling Dell Streak 10

dell-streak-7-10-tablet_150X150-450X166 Dell Streak 7 was officially launched at the CES 2011, the debut of the popular Dell Streak that features a tablet look and the power of a desktop. The streak is juiced up by adding a NVIDIA Dual Core Tegra 2 Processor, that has a clock speed of 2 GHz that is sure high enough and we can expect a very smooth flowing user interface and possible solve the lags that are associated with the lower models.
Though there is an advancement, in fact a huge improvement in the processor level that is provided in Streak 7, it will come shipped with Android 2.2, though there is no official report as to whether the Streak 7 will be upgradeable to Ginger bread (at least, the honeycomb is what we expect as it is retouched by Google just for the tablet market), so here goes one move of dell that can divert its customer views to other rival tablets!

Streak 7 sports an 800X480 Resolution that comes up from a Tough Gorilla Glass- WVGA display, yet another bad move when there are AMOLEDS and Super AMOLEDS, Streak 7 manages to pack a 5 mega pixel rear camera and a 1.3 mega pixel Front facing camera to enable video calling.

The usual features that are expected such as the support for 3g and Wi-Fi and also pack a 2780 mAh battery, that can compete with the increased clock speed of the processor. The Streak 7 is supposed to be offered in both 16 GB and 32 GB models and also support microSD expansion.

But something more was told by Dell to their investors that a 10.1” iPad like tablet will be arriving that will harness the Android 3.0 in it, so big size, big power and great features are expected from the Dell 10, and there are no official specifications from Dell as of yet regarding Dell 10

Watch out for mobigyaan to get updates as on when it arrives!