Details of Airtel (Kolkata) SMS Packs and VAS

airtel-kolkata-vas  Airtel, India’s largest mobile operator seems to be understanding the needs of youngsters. As I am from Kolkata I will cover in this article what Airtel is offering to the youngsters of Kolkata. The mobile giant has introduced many promo packs specially designed for cheap calling as well as they have also brought out some SMS Packs that sure seems to grab anyone’s attention. Its the new lingo in mobile communinaction which has grabbed the minds of the Gen-Y. In this article I will cover the Details of SMS Packs and VAS services available for the people of Kolkata and West Bengal.

SMS Packs

RC 11 – 100 Local SMS valid for 7 days.
RC 17 – 200 Local SMS valid for 2 days.
RC 21 – 50 Local SMS + 15 A2A Minutes  valid for 30 days.
RC 23 – 300 Local SMS (11PM-8AM) valid for 30 days.
RC 26 – 250 Local SMS valid for 11 days.
RC 37 – 100 Local + National + International @ (Rs.1/2/5) SMS valid for 30 days.
RC 51 – 500 Local SMS valid for 30 days.
RC 53 – 250 Local + National + International @ (Rs.1/2/5) SMS valid for 30 days.
RC 97 – 300 Local + National + International @ (Rs.1/2/5) SMS valid for 30 days.
RC 101 – 100 Local SMS valid for 30 days.
RC 197 – 1000 Local + National + International @ (Rs.1/2/5) SMS valid for 30 days.

Along with this they also provide SMS packs know as Daily Decrement SMS Packs. For activating or de-activating Re1 Daily Decrement SMS Tariff Pack, customers will have to SMS  ACT1 or DCT1 to Toll Free Number  51619. For activating or de-activating Rs2 Daily Decrement SMS Tariff Pack, customers will have to SMS ACT2 or DCT2 to Toll Free number 51619. All activation and de-activation requests would be provisioned within 48 hours.

The default tariff for SMS are :
Local SMS – Re.1
National SMS – Re.2
International SMS – rs.5

Vale Added Services (VAS)

Airtel Music Zone – Airtel Music Zone offers largest collection of Hindi, English & Regional songs that u can listen, download and send as message to a friend.You can also download ringtones and play contests – To access dial 543217 @ Rs.6/min.

Airtel Friendz Chat – Chat directly with like minded people after you know their brief profile. All you have to do is call 543216, get registered with a chat – id and then start chatting.
Subscription: Rs 30/Month Call Charges: Rs 2/min.

Airtel Live – ust dial 543212 & speak your request:to download ringtones, dedicate songs, check cricket scores etc. @ Rs. 6/min

Airtel Live SIM service – Airtel offers a range of services right on your SIM Card. Access loads of fun content and exciting services like cricket, stocks Star Peep at the touch of a few buttons – To download new services, choose “Whats new” option on your SIM under “Airtel services” menu. Rs. 3 per message.

Airtel Live! Portal – Make your mobile the most happening entertainment destination! with Airtel Live!. Download latest ringtones, true tones, games, wallpapers and many more goodies. You can also get download full songs on your phone. – For Nokia GPRS phones Press 0 for 2 seconds airtel Live automatically opens. Content download charges apply.

Easy Music – Simply walk into your nearest Airtel retailer and pick your favorite Hello Tunes . It is as simple as recharging your phone with talktime. – Subscription Rs. 30/month & Rs. 15/Hello Tune.

GPRS (Mobile Office) – Stay connected to the internet and access your e-mail anywhere anytime on your phone or on your laptop with your mobile as a modem. – For Prepaid customers you can do a easyrecharge with Rs999 for 30 days unlimited usage OR dial *444*1# to activate daily Mobile Office (to deactivate dial *444*2#)OR dial *567# to activate GPRS and pay only as per usage @ 30paise per 50KB – Rs35/day. You can also activate GPRS by dialling *567# and pay only as per your data usage @ 30paise per 50KB. Also you can recharge with RC 498 for unlimited GPRS for 30 days and RC999 for 60day.

Hello Tunes – Welcome your callers with your favorite song when they call you. You can play different Hello Tunes for different callers, set special hello tunes for your friends, spouse and business associates. – Dial 543211 to choose the song of your choice. OR dial 543215 and speak the song or album to search the song.You can also press * when you are hearing a Airtel Hellotune and copy the Hellotune. – 543211 calling charges Rs.3/min,543215 calling charges Rs1/min, Subscription Rs.30/month, Rs.15/Hello Tune.

Missed Call Alert – Get updates of all calls you miss if your phone is switched off or you are unreachable. Next time someone tries to call you while you away you will receive a SMS notification as soon as you are back in the coverage area, or when you switch on your phone. – To activate sms MCION to 55200 & To deactivate sms MCIOFF to 55200. – Subscription: Rs 15/month.

Night Music – With Night Music, you can enjoy full songs on your mobile from 11pm-6am. Bengali, Hindi & Bhopjpuri songs available. – Call 52209 @ 20p/min to activate and call 522090 (tollfree) to deactivate. – 1. Subscription Charges Rs.5 for 10 days, autorenewed evey 10 days after a pre-renewal SMS intimation. 2. Usage Charges for 52209 – 20paisa/min.

Speak English – Learn Spoken English anytime and anywhere at your convenience. A unique situation based approach specially customised to the Indian context.- Just dial 543212050 to access the service. Choose any situation and subscribe to the service. – Subscription Rs.5 for 10 days. Call Charges of Re.1 per minute.

Star to Copy 55055 – Call any number between 550550 and 550559 @ 10p/min and copy the Hello Tunes that is playing by pressing * – Call 550550, 550551, 550552, 550553, 550554, 550555, 550556, 550557, 550558, 550559 and press *. To deactivate Hello Tunes call 543211808 Tollfree – 1. Subscription Charges Rs.30/month. 2. Song download charges Rs.15/song. 3. Call Charges 10paisa/min.

Subscription Alerts Pack – Subscribe to daily alerts pack and receive daily updates on News and Shayari. – Recharge with Rs.24 and get daily subscription alerts on both News and Shayari for 30 days.

Subscription services – Subscribe to cool alerts and receive updates on News, jokes, astrology, cricket scores etc. – Type the keyword with SUB like SUB News and sms it to 54321 to activate the News alert service. Type SUB and sms it to 54321 (Toll Free)for the keywords. – Re.1 per day per service.

VAS Youth Pack – The Youth Pack is a unique combination of all elements of VAS – SMS, Music and GPRS/Internet, valid for 30 days. – Recharge with Rs.127 and get Rs.100 worth all SMS (local, std, isd),50 minutes of Airtel Radio (call 543213462 after 72 hours of recharge) and unlimited Net on Phone (activated within 48 hrs of recharge). All this is valid for 30 days.

Voice SMS – Now add emotions to your sms by sending a Voice SMS. To send a Voice SMS to any mobile number in India Just prefix * to the 10-digit mobile number and call. Record your message after the beep. You can record your message maximum upto 30 sec. After recording your message just press # or disconnect the call. The system records your voice and sends it to the person for whom you have left a Voice SMS. – You can send a Voice SMS message to any mobile number in your circle by dialing * and suffixing it with the recipients mobile number (*9xxxxxxxxx) – Depositing a voice message-Re 0.75/VSMS 2.Retrieving VSMS 1st time(*0*)-Toll free 3 Retrieve VSMS 2nd time onwards (*1*) Re.0.75/VSMS 4. Sending reply Re. 0.75 per VSMS 5. Forward a VSMS Re.0.75/VSMS.