Details of WP8 running Nokia Phi leaks, Dogphone only a prototype

In the past few days we have already heard about a couple of codenames of Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 running device which included Nokia Fluid, Nokia Phi and even Nokia Dogphone.


Now Nokia Innovation is claiming that Nokia Phi is the same device that leaked a few days back in yellowish colour (as above) and will probably be launched at the Nokia World on September 5.

Specifications of the Nokia Phi are said to include:
  • Curved screen probably larger than Lumia 900 making the device thicker and heavier
  • Same Unibody design as that of the Lumia 900 with irremovable battery
  • NFC capable
  • LTE enabled
  • External microSD card slot
  • Qualcomm Dual Core processor
  • No physical buttons on the front

Other than that we are also hearing that the Nokia Dogphone about which we have heard a few times is the same device which Joe Belfiore used on stage while demoing Windows Phone 8 and it is only a prototype and will never make it to the market.
With less than a month left for the Nokia World to kick off and Nokia unveil three of its Windows Phone 8 running devices; the next few weeks will be interesting to keep an eye on.