Developed by NASA, this phone sensor detects cancer!

Some ages ago, cellphones were being accused of causing cancer. Then we all forgot about and started using them. Now, they might smell out cancer!


The nanosensor is small chip with 32 bars. It’s a small chip that currently attaches with a case. Each of the bars is built of different materials. Currently, a low-cost version is in the making.

This nanosensor developed by NASA Ames may cause a revolution in medical science as it detects various chemicals in your breath for e.g. Acetone level for Diabetes to provide you a diagnosis Imagine doing that instead of pinching your fingers for blood sugar or Nitrous Oxide for lung cancer.

It does detect diseases, but that’s not all this nanosensor does. It also detects air quality, explosive substances. It’s more like a police dog, in your pocket. Much thanks to its developer Jet Li, who seems as explosive as the Chinese actor by the same name. The best part is rather than selling the technology for Millions of dollars, he is trying to get it to the masses.