Devices running on Tizen OS coming this year: Samsung

As we enter the year 2013, news regarding new mobile operating systems has started flowing in. We know that after Nokia dumped MeeGo, Jolla took over the open source OS and is working on bringing the Sailfish OS. But what happened to the Samsung-Intel backed Tizen OS?


Samsung has in an emailed statement said to Bloomberg that the company plans “to release new, competitive Tizen devices within this year and will keep expanding the lineup depending on market conditions.

So this confirms that Samsung will release devices running on the open-source OS and we could see more than one device in 2013. And if the response is good enough, the company could also expand the lineup.
Samsung tied up with Intel to develop Tizen as it wishes to reduce its dependence on the Android OS which is developed by Google who recently Motorola last year and the Samsung is said to be unhappy about it. Samsung’s very own bada OS did not do well and it had to have a spare OS if it wished to drop Android and thus the Korean giant got together with Intel.
So, the year 2013 will indeed be interesting to watch for as we expect many new mobile OSes to launch which include: FireFox OS, Sailfish OS, recently announced Ubuntu for Phones and Tizen of course.