Do you still want Unlimted GPRS Packs from TATA DOCOMO ?

tata-docomo-aircel-gprs-war  Tata DOCOMO recently launched 5 new ‘GPRS on Demand’ Packs. These GPRS packs are available at Rs. 5, Rs. 15, Rs. 33, Rs. 48 and Rs. 98. It seems that with 5 new ‘GPRS on Demand’ Packs TATA DOCOMO is all set to take on Aircel in GPRS tariff battle. But are TATA DOCOMO plans are really capable of giving a tough time to Aircel’s GPRS Plans? Do you still want TATA DOCOMO to come up with Unlimited GPRS Packs?

In this post I will be mentioning what are the advantage as well as disadvantages of GPRS Packs of TATA DOCOMO and Aircel. I have prepared a table to compare TATA DOCOMO and Aircel GPRS Packs. Go through it and then read the rest of the Article.

PACKDay free (7am to 11pm)Night free usage
(11pm to 7am)
Validity DaysPost Free usage with validity leftPACKValidity Days Usage
95200 MB 4 GB 3050p/1MB9830Unlimited
48100 MB2 GB 3050p/1MB
3350 MB 1 GB 1550p/1MB
1530 MB 500 MB 350p/1MB143Unlimited
10 MB
12 Mid Night 50p/1MB

Before trying to make my point let me tell you that I have neither used TATA DOCOMO nor Aircel as both the operators are at present not available in my state.

  1. Speed : I have read in many forums where people complain about Aircel GPRS speed but let me also tell you that I have read similar views about TATA DOCOMO also. One of our team members, Mihir, who himself uses Aircel GPRS said me that Aircel is good enough he easily streams youtube videos with it however sometimes he faces speed problems but he do not mind it as it happens rarely and apart from that its always fun to use unlimited GPRS. Mihir has also used GPRS of TATA DOCOMO and said that speed is good with TATA DOCOMO.
  2. Usage : Some of you might use GPRS for just surfing the wap-sites and some you might use it for downloading and surfing both. TATA DOCOMO GPRS packs are good for surfers who download very less or nothing during day time. However four GPRS Packs of TATA DOCOMO  – Rs. 15, Rs. 33, Rs. 48 and Rs. 95 provide download of 500 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB and 4 GB respectively between 11 PM to 7 AM. Aircel on the other hand provides unlimited usage so the size of your downloads and surfing hardly matters.
Do Share your views about TATA DOCOMO and Aircel GPRS. Do you want TATA DOCOMO to launch Unlimited GPRS Packs again?