DOCOMO Japan reveals an Android smartphone with a dual-sided see through display

With new innovations hitting the smartphone industry every day, here is something new from Japan. DOCOMO, which is Japan’s biggest mobile carrier, has unveiled a prototype Android smartphone which has a dual-sided transparent touchscreen display.


Yes, you can use the touchscreen from the front or the back. The whole idea and technology has been developed by the company in association with Fujitsu.

At the moment the display measures only at 2.4 inches, but then think of the possibilities this new innovation can lead to. DOCOMO is planning to make the display larger and brighter and hopes to bring in a full-fledged device with this new dual-sided see through touchscreen display.

It seems like a pretty eye-catching feature, and seems to remind us of those science fiction movies. What do you think about this piece of technology? Will it be a hit?