Dolphin’s new Engine version claimed to be the fastest Android browser

We see various competitions in the mobile world and it ranges from hardware to software. Take for instance mobile browsers. While some say Opera has the best mobile browser, others just stick to their stock browsers.
But now we hear Dolphin, who claims that its Engine version of the Dolphin Browser HD is the fastest HTML5 browser available for the Android platform.

The company has released the Dolphin Engine version of the Dolphin Browser HD which is similar to the original Dolphin Browser. However it features an enhanced back-end that makes web browsing much faster than before. According to Dolphin, the new back-end includes improvements in canvas element, 2D context, and text rendering. There’s also enhanced browser features like GPU accelerated canvas rendering and optimized CPU / GPU parallel computing.

Dolphin says that its new browser is 5 to 10 times faster than the default Android browser, 100 percent (2 times) faster than Chrome in certain situations, and scores the highest among comparable mobile browsers in HTML5 support tests.

Check out the video below for more…