How to earn money by making Memes

We all enjoy Memes on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and other social media platforms but what if I tell you that you can now get paid to make memes and upload them online. Sounds Interesting? Read on to know more.

If you are an Indian, I am sure you’ll be aware of Shit Indians Say, Gajodhar Singh Cool, Terribly Dank Tales and other popular meme pages. Shit Indians Say and its team has launched an App named MemeChat which pays you to make memes. It’s probably the first and the only platform in India where you can make memes and get paid. If you think your memes are as dark as your humor then this is a perfect app for you to start making money.


Talking about the app, Memechat comes with a feed that just has pure quality memes and those memes are approved by India’s top memers and uploaded by people like you. The feed is divided into categories like Dank, Politics, Noobie, Shitpost, and News which means that you can browse memes according to your interest.

There is a leaderboard in which all the Memers who are using the App get a rank which is based on their points so you can compete with your friends and other people around the world. There is a group section that allows you to join different meme groups so if you are hungry for some humor you can browse memes in those groups too.

Memechat-Groups-and-Leaderboard Memechat also allows you to make memes directly from their App which means that you don’t have to search for any additional software or an App. They have an amazing collection of Inbuilt templates that keeps getting updated with the new trends. When it comes to its editing tools, Memechat allows you to add text, images, stickers and mostly everything you need to make quality memes in their templates. It’s easy to use and the people who aren’t experienced in making memes can also edit and make memes easily.


Now let’s talk about the Payments. I know you were waiting for this one. Memechat pays you Rs.5 to Rs.30 on every meme that gets approved after you upload it. The payment depends on the category of the Meme you are uploading. For example, if there’s an ongoing campaign for Sacred Games memes and the payment amount is Rs.20 per meme, so that means that you’ll get paid Rs.20 on every Sacred Games related meme that gets approved. The minimum Withdrawal amount is Rs.100 and you can directly get your money in your bank account or PayTM Wallet.


Not only this, but Memechat has also announced Clash of Memes with its latest update. Clash of Memes is a competition where your skills and meme knowledge can get you paid a huge amount of money. You will get a notification every time Clash of Memes goes live. You just have to follow the normal meme uploading process of the app but when the competition is on you’ll get a special screen. This contest is not like the other contests and Memechat will pay 5-10 winners every day. The winning amount goes up to Rs.1000 for the people who come first and that’s something I personally love.


That’s all for this one, what are you waiting for? Click here to download the MemeChat app and start making money doing what you love.