Enable Panaroma Mode and Android like Auto-Correct in iOS 5

Here are two cool new features that the official iOS 5 change-log never listed. The iOS 5 features a panaroma mode for the camera and also an Android like auto-correct option to correct those typing errors by selecting a list of words that you can select. Neat, eh? But why don’t you have it? Well that’s because it is hidden.

ios-5_copy You can enable these two features without the need of a jailbreak or any other tethering.

All you need to do is download iBackupBot and a bit of fiddling to enable the two features. We have provided you with two links which contain guides that you can follow and easily enable the two hidden features. 
This has made us thinking that why did Apple hide these features in the first place? Probably they were going to enable them in some further updates, we presume.

Guide to enable Panaroma mode over here.
Guide to enable Auto-Correct feature over here.